sean millar

“one of Irelands greatest songwriters”
Hot Press

“An Irish national treasure”
Padraig Collins in The Irish Times

“Millar is half Leonard Cohen and half Jarvis Cocker... Ireland's Best Lyricist”
RTE Guide

c48 New Album: 'C48'
“Sean Millar has created a masterpiece” (Hot Press)
“this record is a triumph” (The Sunday Herald)
“prescribed listening” (Mail on Sunday)


Some heroes just seemed destined to be unsung. Take Doctor (a.k.a. Sean) Millar. His twenty of making records have not exactly been the stuff of chart domination, but the effect of his work has been felt keenly in many other circles.

If ever the phrase ‘musician’s musician’ could be deemed appropriate it is surely in this particular case. Artists such as Damien Rice, Jack Lukeman and Gavin Friday have sung Sean Millar’s songs and praised his musical and lyrical style.

Hot Press namend him ‘Ireland’s best singer/song-writer’ and an Irish Times journalist described Sean’s lyrical works “the best collection of short stories I have never read”.

Doctor Millar just released his sixth solo album, C48. Again, the album received critical praise ("Sean Millar created a masterpiece", Hot Press, 9/10), and it finally may lead to a well deserved public appreciation.

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The Music of Séan Millar
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C48, the new album by Sean Millar
Of The People

Always Coming

The Deal

The Bitter Lie

Love Girl
21st of Feb., 2014 / 12 AM Het Stadsmagazijn, Antwerp (BE)

Stedelijk ontmoetingscentrum Het Stadsmagazijn
Keistraat 5-7
2000 Antwerpen (BE)

21st of Feb., 2014 / 8.30 PM PX, Volendam (NL)

Stedelijk ontmoetingscentrum Het Stadsmagazijn
W.J. Tuijnstraat 15
1131 ZH Volendam (NL)

23st of Feb., 2014 W2 Poppodium, Den Bosch (NL)

W2 Poppodium
Boschdijkstraat 100
5211 VD Den Bosch (NL))